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Lion Slayer: Using the Right Truth to Slay the Enemy deletes that anguished cry from the lips of God’s people.  Sinful habits overwhelm multitudes of believers, who cherish little hope for deliverance.  This book provides welcomed relief.  Lion Slayer - using the right truth to slay the enemy

Prayerful readers will learn to:
• Break the habits of ensnaring sins
• Discover the right truth that makes us free
• Believe the right truth that delivers from bondage
• Walk in the Spirit and achieve a triumphant life style




“You may have looked for a book that helps you grow and overcome sin and Satan.  Well, here it is!  This volume, put to good use, will guide you scripturally to overcome evil.  Get it for yourself, and give copies to your friends.” 

Dr. Jay E. Adams, Author, Pastor, Seminary Professor


“Lion Slayer provides monumental guidelines for us to use when examining our hearts.  This book is a must read for anyone who really wants to live closer to the Lord.” 

Donald R. Cooper, President Northeast Ohio Bible College


“Lion Slayer speaks powerfully and effectively to Christians today.  I commend this book for its clear biblical help and encouragement.” 
Dr. James E. Wenger, former missionary and Columbia International University faculty member.


"Ken presents God's truths in a clear and practical way.  When grasped and applied through Christ, these truths will be life altering and help you to walk victoriously."

Laban Carvell, Personnel Coordinator with Helps International Ministries


"This book contains layers of Biblical truth that build upon the other to free the reader from any habitual sin.  It shows the guaranteed path to victory for anyone seeking victory over sin.  Its message is wonderful, and truly powerful."

Mike Pelletier, Evangelist


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We are at a time in our nation’s history where we see the freedoms that we once had taken for granted slowly being taken away.  If we do not want to lose the right as parents to direct the upbringing of our children, we need to step up now to secure those rights.  To this end a parental rights amendment to the Constitution has been introduced in both houses of Congress and is currently in the committees, where most bills die. In order to get this amendment passed, more cosponsors are needed, including our Congressmen. 

January is a great time to start new things and to get around to things you put off last year. If you haven't checked into the need for a Parental Rights Amendment, there is no better time than right now. Please take a few minutes to visit www.ParentalRights.org  and sign their petition (join the network) to urge Congress to pass this vital Amendment to preserve all of our freedoms by protecting parental rights.


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