LION SLAYER-The OnlyTruly Effective Non Lethal Option for Law Enforcement

LionSlayer AN Active Shooter Supression SYSTEM BY

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Lion Slayer - Sensory Overload System Technology - S.O.S


Lion Slayer - Non Lethal Active Shooter Suppression - Sensory Over Load System

Whether we install Lion Slayer in the precinct, court house or cruiser. Perpetrators cannot remain in active shooter mode when Lion Slayer is deployed. Mobile Systems can also support Peace Officers out gunned or out numbered near their vehicles. The system can be triggered manually or by sound pattern recognition. Abundant fail safes make Lion Slayer the only truly viable non lethal option available to Law Enforcement.


Protecting - Police Departments - Court Houses - Cruisers - Sensory Overload Systems

The Knarr S.O.S. System Includes the covert deployment of high pressure liquified nitrous oxide infused with sulfur dioxide.The gas is used to drive targeted horns pointed at the perpetrator to develop a crushing and focused 130db -180db sound suppression at 20-20,000 Khz. Simultaneous 200k lumens illuminates the perpetrator pulsing to avoid retinal damage. The effect is indescribable. The perpetrator has no option but to lie on the floor, hands on their ears, awaiting arrest.

Police tragedy

We at Lion Slayer agree that an open desk precinct design is needed to help promote a comfortable relationship with a trusting community. That leaves Officers at the desk at risk. We will install our "Knarr" felon suppression system. The name came from its origin, a  design to protect merchants from armed robbers. Lion Slayer can be triggered manual or by sound recognition technology unleashing the devastating S.O.S. a suppression event that assaults all five senses in one powerful application.

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Lion Slayer - Protecting Law Enforcement - S.O.S.

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About our systems


Precinct Defenses

SOS - Sensory Overload Systems.

Desk Officers can operate safely and suppress active shooters non lethally. Lion Slayer provides both cost efficient precinct lighting and a covert active shooter suppression system.


Court House Defenses

SOS -Sensory Overload Systems.

In the event of a serious active shooter incident, large areas of any building can be safely suppressed. Then the first responders can identify the perpetrator(s). The system also doubles as a low cost light source.


Vehicle Defenses

SOS - Sensory Overload Systems. 

For Peace Officers out gunned or out numbered a Lion Slayer S.O.S. mounting can provide devastating non lethal overwatch. We also offer VRM a 12 gauge shot gun modification that allows portable and non lethal perpetrator suppression.

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