Lion Slayer protecting people and property with an impenetrable nine-layer technology shield wall

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Lion Slayer-Keeps the evil outside. Even the biggest of cats only have nine lives.


Lion Slayer is the world's only nine layer SOIPS (Sensory Overload Intrusion Prevention System) We also offer seven layer SORPS (Sensory Overload Robbery Prevention system) guns are made irrelevant by a Lion Slayer system from MANTICORPS LTD.

With LION SLAYER installed BY MANTICORPS LTD only the U.S. Military could  gain access to your home or business without  your permission. Our proprietary & impenetrable intrusion denial system stands alone. Your home or business can both be safe, all conceivable threats vanquished in a rapid, proportional and lawful manner. You are safe from looters, home invasion, burglary, assault & civil unrest. We are only untested against a zombie apocalypse but have contacted the show as we are confident that Negan and his lads  would gain a real benefit from exposure to military grade levels eight & nine.  We would even overdrive the technology just to see what Lion Slayer can do when truly completely unleashed. A Manticore leaves no part of its prey behind. It consumes it whole, Negan would not be an exception.


Keep Evil Out - Lion Slayer- Devastating & Effective

Technology to keep family, employee's, money and property safe. with seven layers of SOIPS. Lion Slayer's layers eight (Rangnarok) and nine (Jormanganger) are lethality systems and unavailable to civilians in North America.


Your safety also heals veterans.

A minimum of 10% of Lion Slayers  gross sales volume is committed to help develop an effective and standardized  treatment protocol  for the agony of PTSD. One of Manticorps LTD founders is so afflicted and this company mission is to find relief for millions who shouldered a heavy burden and society has spent little to no time or money to find an effective treatment. We are not a non profit. there are no tax breaks for you, or for us, its is just the right thing to do.

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Lion Slayer protecting people and property with an impenetrable nine-layer technology shield wall

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